SCS Frigette Cruise Cable

Choose for Vacuum or Electric servo
by  SCS/Frigette
Item# : scs-cable
The vacuum servo cable fits all models of vacuum servos.
The cable is pictured at the bottom of the scs-3342 cruise kit .
It has a bell shaped mounting flange with 2 mounting tabs for the studs.
A better picture of how this mounts is at the top of the page.

The electric servo cable only fits the Electric servo cruise control
The Electric Servo 4342 is pictured at the bottom of this page,
That cable is on the left side of that pic of the scs4342.
It is about 1" in diameter at its mounting flange and has no bolt-on provisions, it snaps in place.

Pictures of the whole cruise kits are shown so you can identify the different servos and the cables