RV Motorhome Cruise Control

Fits GM Chassis and Others with VSS / Electric Speedometer
by  Rostra
Item# : RV-1223
Totally Electric Electronic Cruise Control. NO Vacuum diaphragms. 
Works on GAS or Diesel engines. Pulls any and all loads and hills.

A Great Replacement Cruise Control for Most Motorhomes on the road today.
Pre-Computer model GM Chassis Motorhomes need the 250-4153 Speedometer speed signal
Its a $69.99 item. Pictured below.

Other model Motorhomes with a 2 piece Speedometer cable that has 
either 5/8" or 7/8" dia threads can also use the 250-4153
Speedometer speed signal @ $69.99 to add or replace your current non-working cruise.

Electric speedometers should not need the 250-4153. The signal to the speedometer will feed the Cruise Control a speed signal.
Electronic Fuel Injected engines should have an ECM which also should have a VSS (vehicle speed signal)

Sorry No Motorctcles or Stationary engine applications

Choose the handle that is best for your application.

Must Purchase Handle to Complete the Cruise Control.

3032 Fits a cut off 1/4" chrome stem.

3020 Fits a GM column with Turnsignal only

3357 Fits GM column with Wipers

3742 Fits a Plastic steering column

3592 Dash Switch  Dim: 2" x 1 3/8" x 3/8"

We suggest