RV Motorhome Cruise Control

For Motorhomes with a GM chassis, or GM Transmision (Allison), a 2-piece speedometer cable or electric speedometer.
These are GREAT replacements for other brands of cruise Controls that are no longer in Business.
The all electric servo is smooth and steady in its speed holding. No Vacuum servo and lack of engine vacuum to worry about.
Easy installation when replacing an older cruise control. This system uses 5 wires that connect to your RV. These are 12 volts, Ground, 2 wires at the Brakelight switch at the brake pedal and the VSS. The VSS (vehicle speed sensor) is our optional part number 250-4153 speedometer speed signal or from your current VSS from a similar device,  the ECM or electric speedometer.
Fits GM Chassis and Others with VSS / Electric Speedometer
Price: 199.99