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Includes TWO, 4-Button Multi-Channel Remote Controls
Code Learning Receiver (About a 3" x 3" x 1" electronics package)
Door Lock / Unlock through the Remote
Programmable Lock / Unlock pulse (Single or Double)
Plug-In LED (Shows system status) 
Plug-in Override Switch
Starter Disable Output  
One Auxiliary output channel (Trunk / Hatch Release, Car Start, ETC)
Flashing Parking Light Output (+ / -)
Door Locking / Unlocking through the Ignition (Optional) 
Three On-Board Relays

Add (@ $10) the Relay-1 to activate 12V + Trunk Release

They are NOT replacement Remotes for Lost or Broken Factory Keyless Entry remotes.

The DLR4 is a complete Keyless entry kit that will activate your power door locks, parking lights and trunk/hatch where applicable for most every vehicle.
A DoorLock Interface module MAY be required on SOME vehicles, contact us HERE .
Include Make, Model and Year of Vehicle as well.

ALSO SEE: Specifications
More Info
The DLR4 includes TWO, 4 button Multi-channel Remotes
Each Remote has Separate Lock, Unlock, Parklight Flash & AUX buttons
One electronics package with built in power door lock/unlock and parklight relays and antenna lead.
Wiring harness is fused for the 12 volt power lead and a fuse for the power lock relays.
Range depends on how well the installer places the antenna lead.
Even a badly placed antenna gets over 50' of reception. Since most people unlock their cars 10' away or so.
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