Bass that will shake out your fillings.
by  EarthQuake
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Item# : Magma-12
Weight :  30.0Pound
#1 in Sound Quality, 
#1 in SPL 
In sound quality and low frequency extension, the Earthquake MAGMAs excel leaving all other woofers behind
May 1999 CA&E. with nearly 22mm of linear excursion (four times longer than other sub), and a hefty 3" 4-layer dual voice coil; 
The MAGMAs make sealed box bass an octave lower than any other woofer.Say 1999 CA&E. 
The 3" excursion along with the combination of unmatched stability and superior performance is only enhanced by using the patented Earthquake SLAPS - Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System. 
There is no question the MAGMAS put out a lot of bass, they are guaranteed to put you ahead of the competition and land you a first place trophy.