HOT ROD Cruise Control Kit

All Electric cruise control kit
by  Rostra
Item# : HR-1223
Rostra Precision Controls 250-1223 
Cruise Control Kit increases driver comfort, reduces fatigue, prevents wasting gas from erratic speed and helps you avoid tickets from unintended speeding. Arthritic knees love Cruise Controls even on short 30 mile trips.

The Rostra 250-1223 Cruise Control Kits are designed to work with most all makes and models of Cars & Trucks  that have a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). and have an actual throttle cable from the gas pedal to the engine.
 Speedometer speed signal, and driveshaft magnet kits are also available to add the VSS.

3 Year Warranty, YES a Hot Rod part with a REAL Warranty!!!

A: Those who who have an ECM controlled engine
and an Electronic gas pedal see the Electronic Throttle Section for the Donor car Cruise Control kit,

B: If you have added an electric speedomete
r, the HR-1223 connects directly to your VSS output. All you need is the HR-1223 and a Control Handle.

FOR Those without the above A or B, You will need to add one of the two devices below.

GM  Transmissions
and Cable Speedometer we have the Speedometer Speed Signal adapter 250-4153 @ $69.99.

For Hot Rods NOT using a GM Transmission
there is the 250-4165 magnetic pu (Magnets on the driveshaft) available for $40

The HR-1223 is an ALL ELECTRIC Servo Cruise Control, so NO vacuum is used. 
This cruise control kit is ideal for most every Hot Rod that has a throttle cable.

High Performance Hot Rodders aren't left out . Big Lopey Cams or Supercharged engines are good to go too. Stock speedometer or a Custom Electric Speedometer, Carbureted or Fuel Injected. Automatic or Manual Transmission.

Parts Included: Electric Servo, Cruise Cable, Servo mounting hardware and brackets, Throttle hardware and bracket to fit most every make and model vehicle.

Features Include: Your Choice of available Control handle switch and Optional switches, 
They have controls for, SET, Coast, Resume / Accelerate, Tap Up / Down.
Reduced Driver Fatigue, Great for Arthritic knees. Saves on fuel and speeding tickets.

Email for Instruction booklet,

AFTERMARKET (Ididit) and GM STEERING  Read Below.

HANDLES: Must purchase a Handle to complete the kit.
3742 ($49.99) Mounts in a really late model (for a Hot Rod) It mounts to the plastic shroud around
          the column. Seperate the two halves, pick your spot and mount it where it clears everything. 

3357 ($39.99) For GM vehicles Most 1982-1994 with the pull-out handle with Wipers.

3020 ($49.99) For GM vehicles and IDIDIT columns that use this type of Chrome Stem that bolts in.

3021 ($49.99) For GM and Ford vehicles that have a 1/4" x 28 threaded screw-in mounting.

3026 ($49.99) For GM vehicles that have the Turn signal and Dimmer on this Cruise Control Arm.                 This is a Pull out mounting.

3032 ($39.99) A slip over design for older vehicles, and for single stem screw-in arms.

3592 ($59.99) Dash Switch, It is rather small at, Dim:  2" x 1.38" x .38"
          IF all else above won't work.

All are Pictured Below.

3021 screw-in GM and Ford

3026 GM and AMC

We suggest