Handles for SCS/Frigette Cruise Controls

Cruise contol Handles For SCS/Frigette Cruise Controls ONLY
by  SCS/Frigette
Item# : Cruise Handles

These Handles are ONLY for SCS/FRIGETTE Cruise Control kits.


These Handles only Fit SCS/Frigette Cruise Control system Cruise Controls.
They will not fit or replace any other brand or Factory installed Cruise Control Handles.

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Handle #1 Fits well on 1995 and newer GM products that have the plastic housing around the steering column, it is an ADDED arm, nothing is replaced or altered that already exists.

Handle #2  Is for GM cars and trucks, Let me know , Silver or Black, Delay or Non delay wipers.
please specify style & color when ordering.

Handle #3 is Back in stock!!! Fits the 4342, used on air bag equipped cars & trucks. Same applications as arm #1

Handle #4 is for older Chrome stem turnsignal only turnsignal arms. The existing Chrome shaft is cut off and this handle slides over and has set screws to hold it tight.

Handle #5 Fits older GM cars and trucks that use a single screw to hold the turnsignal arm to the cam inside the column. Fits from the 60’s to the early 80’s that utilize the single screw mounting.
FITS most ALL Motorhomes with GM chassis