Aftermarket Cruise Control Kit, Rostra 250-1223

Universal Cruise Control Kit Electric Servo 250-1223
by  Rostra
Item# : 250-1223

Rostra Precision Controls 250-1223 
Cruise Control Kit increases driver comfort, reduces fatigue, prevents wasting gas from erratic speed and helps you avoid tickets from unintended speeding.

The Rostra Cruise Control Kits are designed to work with most all modern Cars & Trucks  that have a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). That have an actual throttle cable from the gas pedal to the engine.

No 99-03 Powerstroke, Motorctcles or Stationary engine applications.

3 Year Warranty

See HERE for the Electronic Drive by Wire selections.

For 2004 and Newer Automatic Trans Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles need the Pulse Divider (8x) to read their high rate VSS. 208-3848 for $49.99

For older GM vehicles we have an optional  204-4153 Speedometer Speed Signal adapter is available.
Pictured Below.

For OTHER older Ford, Dodge, Import, Non GM drivetrain Street Rod, RV's, or Odd applications, etc that have no other means of getting a speed signal there is the 250-4165 magnetic pu (Magnets on the driveshaft) 204-4165 available for $40, scroll to the bottom of the page.

The 250-1223 is an ALL ELECTRIC Servo Cruise Control, so NO vacuum is used. 
This cruise control kit is ideal for most every car from the 3 cylinder Geo Metro to largest Pickup truck.

You'll get smooth and accurate performance on Small fuel efficient Sedans, Sport Coupes, Crossovers,  Mini-vans, SUV's, Pickup Trucks, Motor Homes and Tow Vehicles. Gasoline or Diesel.

Hot Rodders aren't left out either. Big Lopey Cams or Supercharged engines are good to go too. Stock speedometer or a Custom Electric Speedometer, Carbureted or Fuel Injected. Automatic or Manual Transmission.

Parts Included: Electric Servo, Cruise Cable, Servo mounting hardware and brackets, Throttle hardware and bracket to fit most every make and model vehicle. PLUS Exclusive Installer's tips
All control handles and other accessories are extra that complete the kit for your application.

Function Features Include: In yout Control handle switch, 
They have controls for, SET, Coast, Resume / Accelerate, Tap Up / Down.

EXCLUSIVE: We include our Installer's Notes and VSS location Information.

Email for Instruction booklet,

HANDLES: Must purchase a Handle to complete the kit.
May also need other accessories, ask and we'll let you know.
3742 ($49.99) Recommended for most every application. It blends in nicely with most every vehicle. It is an ADDED arm to the column, it does not replace or alter any arm (turnsignal or wiper etc) you have now.

3357 ($49.99) For GM vehicles Most 1982-1994 with the pull-out handle with Wipers.

3020 ($49.99) For GM vehicles and Motor Homes with a Chrome Stem that bolts in.

3026 (49.99) Early GM w/ Dimmer switch.

3032 ($39.99) A Cut off/slip over design for older vehicles. Secures with two set screws.

3592 ($59.99) Dash Switch, when Nothing else fits, Use ONLY as a Last Resort Dim:  2" x 1.38 x .38 rarely used and is not a preffered option.

VERY easy installation.

All are Pictured Below.


3026 fits Early GM w/ Dimmer switch

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